Chiya Kavita Puraskar

1. Prabha Rai from Assangthang, Namchi, Sikkim, received the Chiya Kavita Puraskar for 2024.
2. The award was presented by the Chiya Kavita Group on May 22, World Tea Day.
3. It recognizes her exceptional contributions to literature and education.

Gangtok, May 22: Prabha Rai, a prominent resident of Assangthang, Namchi in Sikkim, was honored with the Chiya Kavita Puraskar for 2024 on World Tea Day.

This award, presented by the Chiya Kavita Group on May 22, acknowledges her outstanding contributions to literature and education.

Prabha Rai has dedicated many years to advancing literature and education in her community.

Her efforts have been instrumental in promoting reading habits among people of all ages. Recognizing the importance of cultivating a love for reading, Rai took significant steps to make literature accessible to her community.

One of her notable initiatives is the establishment of a library at her residence in Dumi Gaon, Assangthang. This library serves as a vital resource for children and adults alike, providing them with access to a wide range of books and educational materials. By creating this space, Rai has made a lasting impact on her community, fostering a culture of reading and learning.

In addition to her personal library, Prabha Rai founded the DG Reading Room Resource and Education Foundation in 2019.

This foundation is dedicated to the development of language and literature, the arts, folk traditions, and the promotion of reading habits.

Through this organization, Rai has been able to reach a broader audience, offering resources and support to those interested in enhancing their literary and educational pursuits.

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The Chiya Kavita Puraskar 2024 is a well-deserved recognition of Prabha Rai’s tireless efforts and invaluable contributions to the fields of art and literature.

Her work has not only enriched the cultural landscape of her community but has also inspired many individuals to embrace the joys of reading and learning.

Rai’s initiatives go beyond simply providing access to books. She has actively worked to engage the community in various literary activities, encouraging participation in reading clubs, writing workshops, and cultural events.

Her dedication to preserving and promoting local folk traditions has also played a crucial role in maintaining the cultural heritage of her region.

The impact of Prabha Rai’s work is evident in the positive changes seen within her community.

Children who visit her library are developing strong reading habits, improving their academic performance, and expanding their horizons. Adults, too, are finding new interests and rekindling their love for literature, thanks to the resources and opportunities provided by Rai.

Prabha Rai’s commitment to education and literature serves as an inspiring example for others. Her efforts demonstrate the power of individual initiative in bringing about significant social change.

As she continues her work, Rai remains a beacon of hope and inspiration for those who seek to make a difference in their communities.

The Chiya Kavita Puraskar 2024 not only celebrates Prabha Rai’s achievements but also highlights the importance of supporting and recognizing those who contribute to the cultural and educational development of society.

Rai’s story is a testament to the impact one person can have in creating a more informed, educated, and culturally rich community.