Stephen Hawking of India, Tuhin Dey fights cerebral palsy and cracks JEE

India, 3rd December: A 21-year-old Tuhin Dey has a rare cerebral palsy disease, arthrogryposis multiplex congenital disorder which limits joint and muscular movement but has been inspired by the world-famous theoretical physicist, Stephen Hawking.

However, this rare disease did not stop his dream of studying in one of the premier institutes of the country. This year in 2020, Tuhin cracked the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Main in the general PWD category securing 438 ranks and got admission in computer science engineering at the Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology (IIEST), Shibpur.

“I have just cleared my Higher Secondary examination and after cracking IIT JEE examination, now I have got admitted in IIST Shibpur Engineering College for pursuing BTECH in the Department of Computer science and technologies. I do everything study-related stuff using my mouth, I write with my mouth and operate a computer, mobile phone as well. I don’t face any difficulties during this as I am habituated with this only, it has become my practice. I could easily avail books for myself by downloading them on the computer and go through the news every time on mobiles, just a few minutes before I was reading a newspaper and I don’t face any problem, it has become my practice,” said Tuhin Dey.

Tuhin is highly motivated by Stephen Hawkings to challenge his own disability and becoming one of the world’s most successful scientists.

I feel normal because I have never considered myself as a disabled person, just have always seen my life normal. My ideal is professor Stephen Hawking because he was also in a wheelchair, at least I can speak or move on my effort but he couldn’t even do this, only a student of him could abled to show us via a connection of advanced technological gadget with his body. I want to be an Astro-Physicist, it was in class seven when I have made my determination that I have to achieve or do something big in life,” 21-year-old Tuhin Dey added.

Parents are happy with the success of the kid but are also worried about the expenses and seek help from the government.

Samiran Dey, father of Tuhin share his problem with us and said “Our struggle is much more along with me my wife, we both are doing hard work to see our child’s life settled, moreover he himself is struggling more than what we are doing. Basically, I do the promoting business of lands and plots, not getting any work during this situation everything has stopped and to carry on his studies we need the financial support of government whether from state or from central but we need it so that he can be able to continue his studies,”

Tuhin’s mother Sujata Das shares her part of struggler and difficulties with media, “He has been like this since birth. Our fight has been really vital, we have tried getting him treated in a lot of different places. Firstly, we got his treatment from the Calcutta Institute of Child Health for five and a half years. After that we got him treated at CMC Vellore and a lot of other places. However, the doctors have said that there is a problem in his muscle development, he can use the Caliber to walk. He does not have a body balance, with support he can walk up to two to four steps. He has Arthrogryposis multiplex congenital due to which, he has got a lot of surgeries.”

Tuhin has decided to pursue astrophysics after completing his BTech in computer science and aims to study at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

“My wish is that I can be able to meet our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. No, basically there are no such reasons behind but yes it’s just a wish of mine so that can take blessings from him for my future,” Tuhin Dey said.

His journey wasn’t an easy one because he was dependent on others for his daily routines as he couldn’t move his hands and legs due to this disease. He has so far undergone 20 surgeries and several plates have been inserted into his body to keep the bone straight.

“Till date, he has undergone 20 to 22 surgeries on his entire body. He also has a steel plate in his arm, but the results are not as expected.  Since his childhood, he seemed really intelligent. He was drawn towards books and would devote a lot of time to studies. He is really determined about anything that he decides to do. He was never required to be told to study, he would always do it on his own. Like every mother, I am really happy that my child got into a good college of his own calibre. However, a lot of fight is yet to be fought in the future,” added the struggling mother.

Talking about the dream and struggle, the mother was tensed but happy on other hand for the son.

Tuhin’s mother, Sujata Das, said “After Class 10, he studied in Allen Institute in Kota, Rajasthan. He himself researched about the Institute over the net and then we all decided to get him enrolled. In Allen, students are extremely well taught and he too studied religiously. The Professors and faculties helped him a lot. I want my son to study harder and become a great person. I want him to make India proud. He wishes to give GRE and TOEFL exams to study at MIT. My son always tells me, there is no word as impossible in my dictionary, mother. Now that he got into the Indian Institute with Computer Science, the time has come for him to finally prove to the world. Studies have always been his aim and even now, he only wishes to study.

After all these struggles the parents are more than happy for the son as he is working hard for his dream.

Despite his disabilities, he has bagged the Best Creative Child Award in 2012 and the Exceptional Achievement Award in 2013 by the Ministry of Human Resource Development. He has also received the state award for the best creative child in 2011 in West Bengal.

“I believe that yes if one has the willpower to do something in life then definitely no obstacles can resist it,” said Tuhin