Guwahati, Oct 08: Assam Rifles Public School (ARPS) in Jorhat finds itself embroiled in a controversy as students express their outrage against the school’s principal, Rinku Borgohain Barman, accusing her of showing disrespect towards the national anthem and misusing her authority to suppress students.

According to an anonymous student at ARPS, the issue began during the school’s morning assembly, where Principal Rinku Borgohain Barman purportedly punished several students by making them kneel on the stage. Shockingly, she allegedly compelled these students to maintain this position even during the national anthem, an action that deeply offended and infuriated the students.

The situation escalated when a class 12 student confronted the principal about the incident, seeking an explanation. Instead of addressing the concerns raised, the principal reportedly took a punitive approach, barring the student from participating in the upcoming examination. The student claimed that Principal Barman asserted her absolute authority over the school, stating, “This is my school, and I can do anything I want. Even if you approach Narendra Modi, I will continue this.”

When approached for clarification, both the individual in charge and the vice in charge of the disciplinary committee refused to comment on the matter. The in-charge redirected inquiries to visit the school premises and engage directly with the principal.

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In response to these allegations, the students at ARPS are unified in their demand for a public apology from Principal Barman for her purported act of disrespect towards the national anthem, which they believe has deeply hurt their sentiments.

However, as of now, the school has not issued any official statement or clarification regarding the incident.

The incident at ARPS has raised concerns not only about the alleged mistreatment of students but also about the importance of respecting national symbols and values within educational institutions. Students and parents alike are eagerly awaiting a response from the school administration, hoping for a resolution that addresses the grievances and ensures the dignity of the national anthem in future school activities.

As the situation unfolds, the spotlight remains on ARPS in Jorhat, with many observing how the school authorities will address and resolve this significant controversy that has captured the attention of students, parents, and the wider community.