Teachers and students stranded in Mizoram

Teachers and students stranded in Mizoram seek Governor’s assistance:

A minimum of eight people, all teachers, and students from five states are stranded in Mizoram. They sought help from the Governor of Mizoram, PS Sreedharana Pilla to facilitate their return, the sources from Raj Bhavan said.

The teachers and students were from Arunachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Rajasthan and Kerala reportedly. They called on the governor and informed him of their problems. They requested the governor to help them in such a situation by facilitating their return to their respective states at the earliest, the sources said.

The Governor was notified that they are stranded in Mizoram due to the cancellation and postponement of flights. Some of them were running out of cash as well. Mr Pillai assured them help and asked them to wait for a few days as some airports are yet to open and function in full force.

We have to make a collective effort to overcome this crisis,” he said. He added that the whole world, every person, no matter rich or poor, are equally affected by COVID-19 outbreak.

Pillai also said that unlike others the Raj Bhavan in Mizoram is available to all those who need assistance and shelter. The Raj Bhavan can be reached over the phone by the needy persons at any time.

The Governor has provided shelter to four of the stranded people, who could not pay bills of the hotel, at the Raj Bhavan from May 25. The Raj Bhavan has provided food to students lodged at the IIMC Hostel at Ramrikawna in Aizawl every day.

This gesture of help is the need of the hour across the world.