Tezpur University hostel

Tezpur, June 23: In a tragic incident, a Master’s Degree-final semester student from the Environmental Science Department was discovered dead inside his hostel room at Tezpur University.

The young man was found lying on his bed, with white foam coming out of his mouth, and the room was locked from the inside. The incident unfolded just as the student’s father was preparing to take him home.

Local authorities were alerted, and the police arrived at the scene to investigate. The body has been sent for postmortem to determine the cause of death.

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Adding to the mystery, a screenshot of the deceased student’s last WhatsApp message surfaced, hinting at his emotional state. The message expressed gratitude to his best friends and acknowledged their unwavering support during his highs and lows.

While speculation surrounds the nature of the student’s demise, it remains uncertain whether it was a suicide. As more information emerges, this story continues to develop, and investigators work to unravel the circumstances surrounding the young student’s tragic end.