TMC MP Sushmita Dev Attacked In Tripura, Slams Tripura Police On Twitter

Tripura, Nov 13: The Tripura Police have said that video footage of the incident isn’t of much help in identifying the suspects, according to TMC MP Sushmita Dev, who claimed her car was attacked by BJP workers last month. In addition, she snubbed CM Biplab Deb and advised him to “draft better tweets for the police“.

According to Tripura Police, a small video was provided by Sushmita Dev as part of her complaint, and the names of the suspects were provided without further details. However, it is difficult to identify the suspects from the video footage.

TMC MP, Sushmita Dev, responded to the above statement by saying that the next time, she will attempt to record longer videos and ask her attackers for their addresses and phone numbers as they continue to cause destruction. According to the Tripura Police, Mamun Khan’s and Surjya Sarkar’s fatal injuries do not constitute serious crimes.

Next attack I will try to take longer videos & ask my attackers for their address, phone numbers as they beat us & break our cars.” read her Tweet.

BJP workers allegedly attacked Sushmita Dev’s car while she was campaigning for the ‘Tripurar Jonno Trinamool‘ drive last month.

In the attack, Sushmita Dev was injured physically and taken to the ILS Hospitals in Agartala for treatment. Afterwards, the woman was brought to the police station in Amtuli, West Tripura district, and lodged a complaint.

Tripura campaign vehicles belonging to the party were also vandalized in the attack, the Trinamool Congress said.