Himanta Biswa Sarma Reaches Out To 1,000 Muslim Women For Development Reforms

Assam, Nov 13: Himanta Biswa Sarma will likely meet with over 1,000 Muslim women from all over the state next month to discuss ways to increase their confidence in the welfare and reform measures of Assam’s government, as part of the government’s outreach to Muslims.

According to an official with knowledge of the matter, the focus will be on increasing access to legal aid, ensuring financial inclusion, and listening to their problems. Since Assam has a majority Muslim population of 37%, Muslim women play a key role in the state’s development.

So that the state can progress, it is important that roadblocks are removed from their progress. Without the inclusion of Muslim families, many of which are very poor, the development of the state will be slow. As feminists, we want to tell women that, despite being pressured by their families, the government is fair on all counts, and they should use education and employment to empower themselves.

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Most likely, the event will take place during the first week of December. In Assam, the Sarma-led BJP government has banned government grants for madrasas and been evicting people from forest land, mostly Bangladeshi Muslims.

Government officials have already announced that they will begin implementing the two-child policy gradually, and violators would no longer be able to run in elections for local or panchayat offices, apply for government jobs, and participate in government welfare programs.

For panchayat elections and eligibility for state government jobs, there is already a similar rule in the state. According to Sarma, population growth is the cause of all social problems, and if it is controlled, a great many issues will be resolved.