Assam Government Withdraws Relaxation Form Physically Attending Office

Assam, Nov 13: The Assam government withdrew the relaxation granted to its female employees who are pregnant or have children under the age of three from physically attending office on Friday, citing a development in the state’s COVID-19 situation, according to an order.

The state’s COVID-19 vaccination rates, with 95% of the eligible population having received the first dose, have prompted the government to make attendance mandatory for all employees, according to the report.

It also stated that all government employees, whether on fixed payor contractual, will be required to report to work, with the exception of those on approved leave.

Assam State Disaster Management Authority (ASDMA) Chief Secretary Jishnu Barua issued an order that withdrawn the relaxation granted to pregnant women and women with young children under 3 working for any government agency or public financial institution.

In addition, it said all government employees, regardless of contract status or fixed pay, would have to report for duty, except for those on authorized leave. As stated in the order the overall conditions in the state have significantly improved, thus justifying these decisions.

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More than 95 per cent of the state’s eligible population has taken the COVID-19 vaccine, and 31 per cent have taken both shots, said the report.

The state’s Health Minister met with religious leaders to address the issue of vaccine hesitancy affecting some pockets in a few districts and ensure 100 per cent vaccination of all eligible residents of the state by the end of this month, an official statement said.

In addition, he instructed the officials at the meeting to formulate and implement vaccination plans properly.

According to orders issued by the minister at the meeting, vaccination sites will be constructed in areas accessible to all, and mobile vaccination units will be deployed in areas that are inaccessible to residents for the benefit of those residents.

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During the meeting, Chief Secretary Barua stated that the government’s goal is to complete the COVID vaccination program for the safety of its citizens and that there is a need for religious leaders to be fully involved in the areas where vaccination hesitancy exists.

A total of 31 religious leaders attended the meeting, including representatives from Karbi Anglong, Udalguri, Kokrajhar, Kamrup Metropolitan, and Goalpara, the statement said.