Two people have been detained in Cachar district of Assam for reportedly rapping a woman

Assam, Nov 8: Two people have been arrested in the Cachar district of Assam, ten days after they were charged with an attempt to murder a lady after rapping her.

The woman said in her statement that the two barged into her home on October 25 and then threatened to harm her child if she did not comply.

She further added that when she tried to escape, both the men attacked her with a sharp weapon and even tried to cut off her head. During her struggle to save herself, she lost four of her fingers from her left hand.

Furthermore, she said the police initially refused to file a report and then disregarded it. On October 25, she initially went to the police station at Dholai to report the complaint, which she did after a lengthy debate with the officers.

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The police, on the other hand, apparently did not bother asking the convicted to appear at the station. After this terrible incident, she fled to Silchar and had to wander in the streets, begging for the survival of her son.

However, the two have been detained, according to Sahabuddin, the police station’s officer in charge.

He mentioned their first investigation and noted that the complainant’s spouse had just remarried and one of the two defendants, he claims, is the parent of the victim’s husband’s new wife. He also stated that the police is doing a comprehensive investigation into the situation.