Wild Elephant Electrocuted At Bheleoguri Crop Field

Assam, Dec 12: A wild male elephant was found electrocuted in a field at Bheleoguri under Samaguri PS while it was searching for food in the nearby forest of Karbi Anglong district.

A 33-kilovolt electrical device, unfortunately, caused the elephant to suffer the tragic incident in a field at Bheleoguri. This morning, locals in the Udmari Beat of Salna range saw the carcass of a wild jumbo and contacted forest staff.

The elephant was cremated at a nearby spot after the post mortem was performed by forest officials along with veterinary staff from the Salna range office.

In the Indo-Bhutan border zone, wild elephants continue to commit atrocities. The Kumarikata Forest Range Office reports that the Angarakata area has been invaded by a large herd of elephants.

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The elephants destroyed several houses last Monday night. The wolves have eaten coconut trees, banana trees, and betel nut trees, which has created terror and fright.

A herd of elephants has broken the houses of Duka Munda, Paresh Munda, Gautam Sabar, Rabi Munda, Ratia Munda, Ilazar Munda, Sumari Munda, and Rajan Munda of the villages of Doha and Angarakata.

The Tamulpur MLA Jolen Daimary went to Doha, Angarkata, after receiving information, to assess the situation and to provide food items to families affected by the incident.