Assam: Six more wild elephants stuck in the same muddy pond in Goalpara district

Guwahati, Dec 3: Six more wild elephants were trapped in the same muddy pond in Goalpara district of Assam on Friday morning, where five jumbos were stuck yesterday and forest officials later rescued the elephants with the help of locals.

Local villagers said that six elephants of a herd were trapped in the muddy pond at Choibari area near Lakhimpur area on Friday morning.

After seeing the incident local villagers immediately informed local forest officials and police.

Following the incident, a forest official team rushed to the spot and rescued six wild elephants from the pond in the Goalpara district of Assam with the help of local villagers.

The forest team used excavators to dig up one side of the pond, facilitating the jumbos to climb up.

On Thursday, forest officials and local villagers had rescued five elephants including a calf from the same pond after the wild jumbos were trapped in the pond.