15-Year-Old Raped By Father In Assam

Assam, Nov 20: The 15-year-old daughter of a father in Bhogpur village of Baksa district of Assam was allegedly raped by her father. An FIR was lodged a month after the incident, which occurred in the month of June.

Since Mukut Ali, the father of the victim, committed the murder, police said that no arrests had been made. The case was continued in July, but there were no results as the accused was still untraceable.

The victim and her sister reportedly endured torture, and their father was charged with a criminal offence after they filed an FIR against him. Over the past few months, the victim and her sister have been living with a relative. In Assam’s Baksa district, both of them are present at the CWC Shelter home, Mushalpur. The mother of the victim eloped as well with another man years ago.

Brindabon Das, the sub-Inspector (SI) of Goreshwar Police Station said that two FIRS have been lodged regarding the incident. He further affirmed that the search for the accused since the very first FIR in July.

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In accordance with Section 197 of the POCSO Act of 2012, the child welfare committee must have been informed of the matter within 24 hours. In response, SI stated they should have informed the CWC within 24 hours, however, they had no knowledge of it, and since we were busy with other cases, we weren’t able to inform the CWC.

Prema Changkakati, the Executive Director of an NGO working for child rights, told that the girl was taken to the Child Welfare Committee (CWC) in Baksa district on November 18 for reporting the crime and for ensuring her safety and care.