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Agartala, April 25: Over 225 pigs and piglets were culled by the Tripura animal resource development (ARD) department in two days at the government-run Debipur pig-rearing farm as African swine fever breaks out in Tripura. It has been directed by the Central government. the outbreak of African swine fever (ASF) in pigs is also spread in the adjacent areas in the Sepahijala district.

The department received the confirmation of the outbreak of African swine fever from North Eastern Regional Disease Diagnostic Laboratory, Guwahati, last week after testing three samples sent on April 7.

“On Saturday, 121 pigs and piglets were culled at Debipur farm, while 44 pigs were disposed of in the localities in the 1km radius,” said the director of ARD, DK Chakma.

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Last week, a team of experts from Agartala’s disease investigation Centre reached the farm affected. The experts formed rapid response teams to handle the situation before any further spread.

In the first phase, 8-foot-by-8-foot graves were dug to bury infected pigs after mass execution. Furthermore, all of the pigs are raised on a private basis.

Altogether 33,417 pigs had died due to the outbreak of ASF last year, causing monetary losses to the tune of Rs 60.82 crore. The infectious disease was reported for the first time in the state in March last year.