Assam, May 11: Three men allegedly raped a health care worker in Assam Cachar district while she was returning home after work. One of the three allegedly took her to a hostel and raped her there along with two other men after offering her a lift.

The woman was found to be Covid-19 positive and prompted police to get the three arrested accused tested and put them under isolation at a local police station.

The police team, which arrested the three on Monday, also will undergo Covid tests.

The woman, who is a single mother of two, has undergone medical tests and has been asked to remain in home isolation.

Police have informed her family that she is depressed. “Once she tried to lock herself in a room, she was talking about committing suicide also. She has stopped eating and is not talking to anyone. Her kids are very young, and we all are very worried that she might take the wrong step any moment,” said a family member of the woman, who belongs to the Manipuri community.