9-year-old Assam boy starts plantation drive to plant 1000 saplings

Guwahati, July 16: 9-year-old Abinab Deb was so distressed after hearing and seeing the news on TV that many people died due to lack of oxygen supply during the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in Assam, that he has started a plantation drive and has decided to plant thousands of saplings in his area by aiming to increase oxygen in the atmosphere.

Abhinab Deb – a Class 3 student of Delhi Public School in Silchar, who hails from Borjalenga in Dholai block of Assam’s Cachar district, has undertaken the job to plant 1,000 saplings in his area.

On his 10th birthday on July 2, Abhinab told his parents that, he wants to celebrate his birthday by planting saplings that can increase oxygen in the atmosphere and so that, people can avail clean oxygen.

Abhinab never allows the felling of any tree at his house and neighbouring areas and he requests his parents and other people to plant saplings.

Abhinab’s mother Bulti Deb said they support the little boy’s initiative to protect the environment and atmosphere.

On July 2 last he told us that he doesn’t want to celebrate his 10th birthday as earlier birthday celebrations. He has seen the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic situation and heard that many people died due to a lack of oxygen supply. He was told by his teachers that trees are the only source of oxygen. He told us that he will buy oxygen. He also told us that he will plant many too many saplings. He also requested us to protect the saplings and we are now supporting his noble initiative. We are proud of him,” Bulti Deb said.

Abhinab said that he is targeting to plant at least 1000 saplings within a short time.

I heard that many people died due to lack of sufficient oxygen supply during COVID-19 pandemic situation. I read in my books that trees are the source of oxygen. On my birthday, I told my parents that, I want to plant saplings in my area. I will plant 1000 saplings every Sunday,” Abhinab Deb said.

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After coming to know about the little boy’s noble initiative, Cachar district DFO Sunny Deo Choudhury on Tuesday invited Abhinab and his parents to his office and felicitated the boy.

The Divisional Forest Officer (DFO) of the Cachar district lauded the little boy’s efforts and said that this little boy is a role model for all of us.

When we came to know about the young kid’s noble initiative, we had decided to invite him and felicitate him and encourage him. A 9-year-old boy is conducting a plantation drive at his own level without any support. He can inspire few other kids also,” the DFO said.