Anand Kumar of Tamil Nadu finishes 2nd at the World Speed Skating Games

Nov 19: Speedily making a mark in new territories, India’s latest feather of achievement comes from the Inline World Speed Skating Championships where youngster Anand Kumar Velkumar showcased an outstanding form and went on to win a silver medal – the very first one won by an Indian.

Taking part in the Junior 15km Elimination Final, in the Colombian city of Ibagué, Anand Velkumar clocked a timing of 24.14.845 seconds to take home the coveted silver medal.

Marking it as a historic achievement for India, the young Anand Velkumar, who took part in the inline speed skating competition, has become the first one to breach a new territory and put India on the global map in Inline Speed Skating.

While the event was mostly dominated by the Colombian and Portuguese skaters, Miguel Fonseca and Marco Lira, respectively, Anand Velkumar also stood out with his skills on the rollerskates.