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Lakhimpur, May 21: In a recent development, the Assam government has appointed IPS officer Anand Mishra as the new Superintendent of Police (SP) of North Lakhimpur. This appointment comes shortly after the transfer of the SPs of Nagaon and North Lakhimpur districts. Navneet Mahanta has been named the new SP of Nagaon, while Leena Doley takes over as the SP of Hailakandi.

The reshuffling of police officers comes in the wake of the mysterious death of Sub-Inspector (SI) Junmoni Rabha in Nagaon. The investigation into her death is ongoing, and the Assam Police has summoned Lakhimpur Additional SP Runa Neog to appear before the investigating team at the police headquarters.

According to reports, an alleged informant of the deceased SI Junmoni Rabha has claimed that SP Runa Neog had threatened her over the phone due to her involvement in exposing fake gold-counterfeiting traders in Bangalmora. This revelation has added a new dimension to the case, prompting further scrutiny.

Meanwhile, SPs Leena Doley and Bedanta Madhab Rajkhowa of Nagaon and Lakhimpur respectively have been transferred amidst the ongoing investigation into Junmoni Rabha’s death. The decision to transfer the SPs is seen as a step to ensure an unbiased and thorough inquiry into the case.

Assam’s Director General of Police, GP Singh, addressed a press conference on May 20, where he announced that the death case of Junmoni Rabha has been transferred to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). The decision was made after considering various aspects and angles of the case, indicating the seriousness and complexity of the investigation.

The appointment of Anand Mishra as the new SP of North Lakhimpur brings fresh leadership to the district’s law enforcement agency. Mishra, an experienced IPS officer, will be responsible for maintaining law and order, ensuring the safety of the public, and upholding the principles of justice in North Lakhimpur.

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The Central Bureau of Investigation’s involvement in Junmoni Rabha’s case indicates the commitment of the authorities to uncover the truth and deliver justice. The investigation will continue to examine all angles and gather evidence to determine the circumstances surrounding her untimely demise.

As the case progresses, it is crucial for the investigation to be conducted impartially, with a focus on transparency and accountability. The people of Assam and the affected communities are looking for answers, and it is essential to restore their trust in law enforcement agencies.

The appointment of Anand Mishra and the transfer of other SPs demonstrate the government’s commitment to maintaining law and order, ensuring a fair investigation, and upholding the integrity of the police force in Assam. The public expects a thorough examination of the case, leading to the identification and punishment of those responsible for Junmoni Rabha’s death.