Bangladeshi fundamentalist groups behind anti CAA protests in Assam claims BJP MLA

While various organizations, students of Assam have intensified their protests against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act across the state, an Assam BJP MLA claimed that, the anti-CAA groups are being backed by the Bangladeshi Muslim fundamentalist groups.

Assam BJP MLA Shiladitya Dev said that – “The Citizenship (Amendment) Act is now just being opposed by few organizations backed by the Bangladeshi Muslim fundamentalist groups. They are being funded by them. They are being supported by them. Even they are giving manpower also on the streets.”

Shiladitya Dev said that – “The agenda of the Bangladeshi Muslims are very clear that they want to convert Assam into a Muslim majority state. This was happening since 1936 when Mohammed Sadullah was the Prime Minister of Assam and it failed in various occasions, but still today they are with the same agenda of converting Assam into a Muslim majority state.”

“They are supporting the present National Register of Citizens (NRC) where they have already found their names by using all fake papers, documents and they are objecting the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill. Because the Citizenship (Amendment) Act, it does not allow any Muslim from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan to come and settle in India and get citizenship as well happen in the case of the minorities coming from those countries,” the Assam BJP MLA said.

He further said that, it is a big agenda, blueprint and they are using some intellectuals of India, using social media to oppose the Citizenship (Amendment) Act.

“We the Assamese understand it very clearly that the Citizenship (Amendment) Act has to come. Because, we have to stop the massive illegal Bangladeshi Muslim infiltration going on in Assam, which is destroying our culture, changed the demography of the entire state. Few people in the name of some Gogoi, Bhattacharya or Hazarika they are doing all this, but the majority Assamese people are not supporting any anti-CAA movement,” Shiladitya Dev said.

The BJP MLA also said that, Assam is sitting on a volcano of Jihadists and the Pakistani Jihadi has used porous India-Bangladesh border via Assam to enter India.

“The day when the volcano will burst, Assam will be lost and before it burst we have to find out the solution. Assam is used as a corridor by the Jihadists, terrorists. The Indo-Bangladesh border in Assam is very porous. Even if a Pakistani Jihadi has to enter India, he will not choose the rough terrains in Kashmir, he will choose to take an aircraft from Pakistan to Bangladesh and easily cross over to India from the Assam border and then create panic in the entire country. This has been happening, not just few years, it has been happening in last few decades. We have come across many insurgent groups who have been using Assam as a corridor for the rest of the country. We have to be alerted for this,” Shiladitya Dev said.