cheque fraud

Itanagar, March 31: Itanagar capital police in Arunachal Pradesh arrested eight individuals in connection with a cheque fraud worth Rs 9 crore on Friday. The fraudsters attempted to clear a cheque issued from the New Delhi Municipal Corporation at the SBI G extension branch in favour of a local firm owned by Tarh Tajuk.

However, the cheque was discovered to be fake, leading to a written complaint being lodged at the Naharlagun Police Station. Speaking to the media, SDPO Naharlagun, Dekio Gumja, stated that the SBI chief manager had submitted a written FIR claiming that someone had come for a cheque clearance issued from NDMC on March 23.

Upon cross-verification with the SBI Delhi branch, it was found that the cheque was a fake one, leading to the registration of the case. The police have arrested eight individuals in connection with the fraud.

Meanwhile, the Arunachal Pradesh government has announced a reward of Rs 1 lakh for anyone who provides information on the escaped NSCN-K (NS) militants. Two prisoners, including a militant of NSCN-K (NS), escaped from the Khonsa jail in Tirap district on March 26 after killing security personnel. The prisoners also took away an AK-47, and the police launched a manhunt to apprehend them.

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Cheque fraud is a common occurrence in India, with scammers using various tactics to dupe unsuspecting individuals and companies. Cheque fraud can occur when a fraudster steals a genuine cheque or creates a fake one.

The fraudster may then alter the payee or amount, leading to the cheque being cleared, and the funds being transferred to their account. This type of fraud can be difficult to detect, as the cheque may appear genuine on the surface, and the victim may not realize that they have been duped until it is too late.

To prevent cheque fraud, individuals and businesses are advised to be vigilant when handling cheques. This includes verifying the identity of the person presenting the cheque, checking the details on the cheque carefully, and verifying that the cheque is genuine. Banks also have a role to play in preventing cheque fraud by implementing robust security measures and conducting regular audits to identify any fraudulent activity.

The recent cheque fraud in Arunachal Pradesh highlights the need for individuals and businesses to be vigilant when handling cheques. It also underscores the importance of robust security measures and regular audits by banks to prevent cheque fraud.

Finally, the government’s announcement of a reward for information on the escaped NSCN-K (NS) militants indicates the seriousness with which the authorities are taking the issue of public safety and security in the region.