Arunachal Pradesh: Real-life Spider-Man leaving netizens awestruck

Itanagar, September 11: Spiderman does exist? You must watch so many kids performing the Spiderman role in the School Fancy day competition but you will be amazed to see this real-life 2 year Spiderman, who is a resident of Itanagar. Arunachal Pradesh’s real-life superhero that performs stunts like no other!

With his Spider-suit on, this Spider-Man jumps and flips off terraces, inspired by films, Takam Todo started parkouring around 2014 which involves running, jumping, swinging, vaulting, and climbing.

“I sense action and opportunity everywhere. If there is a wall, it’s just a wall for others. But for us, we can land on it and jump from it,” said Todo.

While pursuing a diploma in civil engineering, his Spider-Man antics began. He then bought the costumes online and started posting a video of vaulting over two motorcycles on social media.

Initially, it didn’t catch the eye but the lockdown due pandemic worked like a miracle and the video gets viral.

The video titled “Spider-Man Jumping in Pune’ was the first video that gets viral with at least 25 million views so far on YouTube with 77,000 subscribers on the channel. A recent teaser was released on August 24 on the same channel – ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home.

These cosplay videos of the comic superhero are typically filled with stunts atop terraces and dancing moves, but he remains nonchalant about the dangers associated with the acts.

While answering to the risk on the life he said that “there are so many accidents recorded regularly on road but people still ride the bike. We progress through training. We just go for the basics at first and slowly develop.”

Despite such daredevil stunts, he has never faced any serious injuries. “It looks painful, but it’s not much of a pain for us,” he added. Authorities have never objected or tried to restrict him. Todo also took part in a donation drive for a cancer patient recently, posting messages for help on YouTube.