Arunachal villagers string ropeway across missing highway stretch

Arunachal, July 19: Weeks after a major portion of the Pangin-Pasighat highway got washed away in the monsoon fury, locals of Pangin and Kebang circles in Arunachal Pradesh’s Siang district have managed to successfully build a rope-suspension bridge to restore connectivity in the area.

The said portion of the highway had collapsed at Lelek near Rottung village on June 27 following incessant rainfall, severely hampering the surface connectivity for Siang, West Siang, Shi-Yomi and Upper Siang districts. The only way to cross the blockade was to climb the hill above the block point, which took almost an hour.

Having witnessed the agony of commuters and government help not arriving in time, the leaders and locals of the Pangin and Kebang circles took it upon themselves to address the crisis and subsequently formed the Lelek Bridge Construction Committee.

Using age-old traditional techniques and methods, locals began the tedious construction work on Wednesday and managed to finish the suspension bridge on Sunday.

The bridge has been built using bamboo and rope wires.

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The 30 metre-long (approx) bridge will now ease the woes of the people of Siang, West Siang, Shi-Yomi and Upper Siang districts till the highway is restored properly. It will also shorten the travel time for commuters as they no longer have to climb the hill to reach the other side, said Tagum Sitang, Bridge Construction Committee Chairman.

Sitang said initially the authority including district administration and the highway department had objected to the construction of any structure near the block point. However, the senior citizens and public leaders decided to construct the bridge after seeing the agony of the commuters.