Bihu state

Guwahati, April 16: In the whole state of Assam, the first day of the seven-day Bohag Bihu or Rongali Bihu is commemorated as the Goru Bihu. It is observed on the final day of Chot, just before Boghag begins. On the Assamese calendar, Chot is the last month and Bohag is the first. The Assamese calendar’s new year officially begins the following day, which is the first of Bohag.

On Friday, Goru Bihu, the opening day of the week-long Rongali Bihu celebration, was celebrated all over the state of Assam. The majority of the state’s rural residents who keep animals at home celebrate this day.

The occasion is known as Goru Bihu, and the household’s animals, particularly its cattle, are honoured in the proper manner. The cattle are taken by their owners to adjacent ponds or rivers, where they are properly bathed. They are also covered in fresh turmeric paste and black lentil paste.

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To prevent flies and diseases, pet owners also rub the leaves of the plants dighalati (litsea salicifolia) and makhioti (flemingia strobilifera) on the animal’s skin. For their future health and growth, they are also fed a mixture of a few indigenous vegetables, such as bottled gourd and aubergine. On Goru Bihu, old cattle tying ropes are thrown out and replaced with fresh ones.

On Friday, news of the Goru Bihu celebration spread throughout the state. Following the customs related to Goru Bihu, members of the Kanyaka Multi-purpose Farm in Jamugurihat were observed bathing their cows on the banks of the Bharali River in the Nagaon District. The Lakshmi Agriculture Multipurpose Project participants observed the customs of Biwanath in a similar manner.