Assam faction

1. Assam CM Himanta Biswa Sarma sets goal for peace accord with ULFA’s pro-talk faction.
2. The target is to sign the accord by December or potentially January next year.
3. Government plans to initiate talks with ULFA-Independent after finalizing the accord.

Guwahati, Dec 16: Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma has announced the government’s aim to finalize a peace accord with the pro-talk faction of the United Liberation Front of Asom (ULFA).

Speaking in New Delhi, CM Sarma expressed the target of signing the accord within December or possibly by January next year. Once this agreement is established, the government will then focus on initiating talks with the ULFA-Independent led by Paresh Barua.

“We are targeting to sign an accord with the pro-talk faction of the ULFA within this month. Once the accord is signed with the ULFA’s pro-talk faction, we will make serious efforts to initiate talks with the ULFA-Independent,” stated CM Sarma.

He mentioned that a proper draft of the peace accord is nearly ready, with some final touches pending. The objective is to ink the accord by the end of this year or in January next year.

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Regarding recent alleged grenade attacks in upper Assam, CM Sarma urged ULFA-I cadres, including Paresh Barua, to understand that such acts of violence hinder Assam’s development, and no one benefits from them.

“Acts of violence will take Assam backwards. Throwing a few grenades will not make Assam independent, but Assam will suffer. Such incidents will halt the development of Assam,” he remarked.

Addressing the possibility of talks with Paresh Barua, CM Sarma emphasized that the challenge lies in reaching an agreement on serious issues. While he has engaged in discussions with Barua multiple times since becoming Chief Minister, finding common ground remains a challenge.

“I keep speaking to Paresh Barua sometimes. There is no mechanism. Even if I want to talk with him tomorrow, I can do so. Talking to him is not the issue. But we both have our compulsions. The matching of opinions is the real issue here. Holding talks is not the issue,” clarified CM Sarma.