Swanirbhar Naari

Guwahati, July 20: Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma on July 19 launched the ‘Swanirbhar Naari’ scheme in Guwahati. The scheme will empower indigenous weavers of the state and provide financial support to their families.

Under the ‘Swanirbhar Naari’ scheme, the state government will procure handloom items directly from the indigenous weavers via a web portal.

Taking to Twitter, the chief minister wrote, “Happy to launch Swanirbhar Naari, a scheme to empower our indigenous weavers. Govt will procure handloom items directly from them through an online portal. I am sure this scheme will help preserve our heritage of handlooms & textiles by ensuring assured income to our weavers.”

He said that the scheme will help preserve the heritage of handlooms and textiles.

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The chief minister further lauded Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s love for Assamese “gomosa.” Sarma urged the Handloom and Textiles department to generate more awareness of gamosa.

“PM Narendra Modi’s love for Assamese gamosa has made it known far and wide. Taking advantage of the favourable ecosystem, I urge Handloom & Textile Dept to generate more awareness on gamosa. I also urge all concerned to procure handloom-made gamosa only,” Sarma Tweeted.