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Guwahati, March 13: Assam government has completed the process of shifting all “declared foreigners” to a newly built dedicated detention centre in Goalpara district, now renamed as a transit camp, a senior official said.

Assam Inspector General of Prisons Pubali Gohain told the media that the last batch of 87 inmates from Silchar detention centre was taken to the dedicated Matia transit camp.

“The inmates started their journey from Silchar on Saturday and reached Goalpara on Sunday. With this, the process of shifting all declared foreigner inmates lodged in the six transit camps has been completed,” she said.

Of the 87 “declared foreigners”, 64 are from Myanmar, 22 from Bangladesh and one from Senegal, another senior official said.

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The process of shifting the inmates began on January 27 with transferring of 68 “declared foreigners” from the Goalpara detention centre.

As the transfer process is complete, the six detention centres will no longer exist, Gohain said.

Altogether 217 “declared foreigners” are lodged at the new transit camp in Matia, Goalpara Deputy Commissioner Khanindra Choudhury said.

“This figure changes very frequently with court verdicts and the deportation of foreigners. Just three days ago, three Bangladeshis were sent back to their country from the Matia camp,” he added.

The Matia dedicated transit camp is monitored and controlled by the Goalpara district administration and can accommodate 3,000 inmates, including 400 females.

The facility also features hospitals, schools, recreation centres, dining, and other amenities.