Assam Govt. to not arrange transport for Migrants
Assam Govt. to not arrange transport for Migrants

Assam Govt. will not arrange transport for migrants returning by roads:

Assam Govt. to not arrange transport for Migrants.

Guwahati, May 7: Amid controversy over stranded migrant laborers paying train fares for their return journey to the home state, the Assam government has decided not to arrange any transportation for the stranded people returning to the state by road till the border of the state.

The Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) released by the state Health department for return of the people of Assam stranded in other parts of the country stated that – “Government of Assam will allow the return of residents of Assam stranded in various parts of India in a staggered/ phased manner after ensuring that there is proper screening of these residents.

“Till announced otherwise, no transportation arrangements will be made in the initial period by Government of Assam for travel till the border of Assam. The returnees will avail of available transport facilities i.e. public transportation or will arrange their cars, taxis, etc. to travel. The public transport of other States will not be allowed to enter Assam,” said in the SOP of Health department.

The SOP also stated that, Transport department, ASTC will make arrangements for public transportation from the border points to screening centers and then onwards to the district HQs. The district administration will make arrangements for transportation of the persons from district HQ to their residences. All safety protocols for travel by vehicles laid down by MHA will be in force.

On the other hand, Assam Transport minister Chandra Mohan Patowary said that, the state government is following the norms and directives given by the MHA.

“We have given first preference to the patients, pilgrims, and students. If somebody wants to come back to Assam with the own vehicles or other own arrangements, then we will allow them,” Chandra Mohan Patowary said.

He further said that, the Assam government has already requested the center to provide trains for the people of Assam stranded in different parts of the country.

“The center is likely to provide us seven trains. Over 6 lakh migrant workers from Assam are still stranded in many parts of the country. It is not possible to bring all the migrant workers to Assam,” the Assam minister said.