Assam: Leopard captured at Bokpara tea estate

Assam, Feb 22: A team from the Dibrugarh Forest Department captured a leopard at Bokpara tea estate in Upper Assam.

For the last several days, the leopard has been creating problems in the tea estate by taking away our livestock. This morning, we have seen that the leopard was caged successfully,” said a resident of Bokpara tea estate.

An official of the Dibrugarh forest department said, “We have set up the cage in three places of the tea estate after a resident complained to us about the venturing of leopard in the tea estate. The leopard has been creating terror among the residents, and today, the leopard was successfully caged.”

The man-animal conflict has been on the rise because of shrinking forest cover as animals often wander onto human habitations searching for food.

Recently, a full-grown male leopard was captured at the Brahmaputra Cracker and Polymer Limited (BCPL) production unit at Lepetkata in Dibrugarh.