Assam: Locals complain of poor road conditions as the car goes down brook in CM's native district

Dibrugarh, 22nd July: A car went down a brook in Assam Chief Minister Sarvanand Sonowal’s native Dibrugarh district due to poor road conditions while moving past a road which has undergone serious damage due to lack of supervision and the recent floods in the state.

Although the driver and its passenger had a narrow escape, locals have gathered in the area in a bid to recover the car.

As a local complained, “Today life is at a huge risk because of the terrible conditions of the roads in Assam. The car fell into the water due to the poor conditions of the road. The company which made the channel damaged our roads. They assured us they will fix the road, but they haven’t yet.”

While the driver of the car iterated, “Our car had gone almost about 200m into the water. We barely got out by breaking the glass and door of the car. After that the local people saved us. We were two people in the car.

While the car was going through the road, the wheels skid due to the mud accumulated in the road and the vehicle fell into the water.

The driver broke the glass of the window and the door and rescued his master. Thereafter, locals pulled them out of the water with ropes.

People gathered in the area have tied the car with ropes so that the vehicle doesn’t flow away any further along the channel. However, authorities haven’t yet arrived at the spot to help the situation.