Guwahati, July 10: An activist, who protested the price rise and unemployment in a street play in the role of Lord Shiva, was arrested in Assam for allegedly hurting religious sentiments.

Based on the complaints filed by the VHP and Bajrang Dal, Nagaon Police arrested the activist, Birinchi Bora, on Saturday under bailable sections.

Assam CM Himanta Biswa Sarma on Sunday pulled up the police for arresting a man dressed as Lord Shiva in Assam.

The Assam CM said that dressing up is not a crime unless offensive material is used or inappropriate words are used.

“I agree with you @NavroopSingh_ that Nukad Natak on current issues is not blasphemous. Dressing up is not a crime unless offensive material is said. Appropriate order has been issued to @nagaonpolice,” Himanta Biswa Sarma tweeted.

Earlier today, a man was arrested in Assam after he was accused of hurting religious sentiments during a street play in which he was dressed as Lord Shiva. Meanwhile, he has been granted bail.

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The controversy started on Saturday evening when the man and the woman, dressed as Shiva and Parvati, took to the streets to protest the rising prices of fuel, food items, and other commodities. Riding a bike, the duo arrived at College Chowk in Nagaon and staged a drama over the vehicle running out of fuel.

Taking a jibe at Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the actor dressed as Lord Shiva said that the government was working only in the interest of the capitalists and was not concerned about the issues of the common people. He then urged the curious onlookers to take to the streets and protest the rising inflation.

After this, the actors reached the Bada Bazar area and staged a similar street drama. The stunt garnered the attention of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad and the Bajrang Dal. They slammed the gimmick and accused the youths of hurting Hindu sentiments.

A complaint was then registered at the Nagaon Sadar police station against the actor duo — Birinchi Bora and Karishma.