Assam man travels 2800 kms to reach home.
Assam man travels 2800 kms to reach home.

Assam man travels 2800 km to reach home from Gujarat amid lockdown:

Guwahati, April 20: Assam man travels 2800 kms. A 46-year-old man from Assam had traveled about 2800 km to reach his home district amid the ongoing nationwide lockdown.

Jadav Gogoi – a migrant laborer from Assam’s Nagaon district, worked at Vapi – an industrial town of Gujarat, about 2800 km away from Nagaon district, was forced to travel 2800 km from Gujarat to reach his home district amid lockdown.

He reached a Raha area in Nagaon district on Sunday night after partly walking for 25 days.

The migrant laborer from Assam had hitch-hiked and walked for 25 days as he started his travel on March 27 from Vapi.

With Rs 4000 in his hand, he started his travel from Vapi on March 27 along the highway and hitch-hike on trucks to reach Bihar.

During this time, he was robbed of his money, mobile phone, and other items.

He walked from Bihar and finally reached at Raha in Nagaon district via West Bengal on Sunday night.

When he was taking rest at a roadside restroom, some locals found him and immediately informed the police.

Jadav Gogoi said that, he is hailing from Gadharia Karaoini village and he reached at Raha after walking from Bihar.

“I started my journey on March 27. I was seeking help from the police and other government department authorities, but they denied it. I walked on foot from Bihar to reach here. I was forced to make this journey because of COVID-19 lockdown,” Jadav Gogoi said.

The local people of Raha with the help of police had admitted him at Nagaon civil hospital and doctors said that, his condition is now stable, but he would have to be under quarantine because he arrived from outside of the state.