Assam-Meghalaya border

Guwahati, May 03: The Assam-Meghalaya border dispute has been a long-standing issue that has caused tension and violence in the region. However, there is a ray of hope as talks between the two states have been progressing, and disputes at the remaining six border sites are expected to be resolved in May.

The two states have been engaged in a dialogue for the past few months, and significant progress has been made in resolving the border dispute. The talks have been held under the supervision of the Union Home Ministry.

The disputes have arisen due to differences in the interpretation of the 12th-century historical document, the ‘Gobha-Kripan’, which delineates the boundary between the two states. The disagreement has led to several violent incidents in the past, causing loss of life and property.

The six remaining border sites include Langpih, Hahim, Khanduli, Boklapara, Deshdemoreah, and Khanapara. These sites have been a major source of conflict, with both states claiming ownership.

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The ongoing talks between the two states have been productive, and both sides have shown a willingness to resolve the issues amicably. The Meghalaya government has expressed its satisfaction with the progress made in the talks and has stated that it is hopeful of a positive outcome.

The resolution of the border dispute is crucial for the development and progress of the region. It will also ensure peace and stability in the area, which has been marred by violence and tension for years.

The successful resolution of the Assam-Meghalaya border dispute will be a significant step towards strengthening the bond between the two states and fostering cooperation and harmony.