Assam Police ranks third in the country in smart policing index of the IPF

Assam, Nov 20: The Assam Police has ranked third in the country in the index for public perceptions and citizen satisfaction in a survey for 2021 conducted by the Indian Police Foundation (IPF).

Based on the philosophy underlying the Prime Minister’s SMART policing idea, IPF used six competency-based dimensions and three values-based dimensions of trust in the survey.

We believe that these annual surveys would be an ideal strategy to nudge state police organizations to strive for better public perception and trust levels, year on year, by continuously improving their professional competencies and ethical values and thereby, the quality of their service to the people,” the survey report.

The SMART Scores are set on a scale of 1 to 10 and are indicative of the levels of citizen satisfaction, a score of 10 being the highest level of satisfaction. The levels of popular satisfaction with the quality of police work given by IPF were highest in Andhra Pradesh (8.11), Telangana (8.10), Assam (7.89), Kerala (7.53), Sikkim (7.18), Mizoram (7.14), and Gujarat (7.04) in that order, with an index value of seven or above, 19 states and UTs scored an index value between six and seven, while three states scored between five and six.

The survey report added, “Despite being attacked for insufficient sensitivity, declining public confidence and growing concerns about the quality of policing, a majority of citizens (a weighted average of 66.93%) believe that the police are doing their job well and strongly support the police.

Going by the individual indicators for the six competency-based dimensions, Assam Police has been ranked at third position in “perception index of police sensitivity“, “perception index of strict and good behaviour“, “perception index of accessibility“, “perception index of police responsiveness” and “perception index of helpful and friendly policing“. Only in the “perception index of technology adoption,” Assam has ranked eight.

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Under the three value-based dimensions of trust, Assam Police has ranked third in both “perception index of fair, unbiased and lawful policing” and “perception index of police accountability” but fourth in “perception index of integrity and corruption-free services.”

In the “perception score of public trust in the police“, the state police force has ranked fourth in the country. Assam Police DGP Bhaskar Jyoti Mahanta expressed his appreciation to each member of Assam Police who has been working relentlessly despite myriad challenges in the service of society.

Mahanta also stated that Assam Police is committed under the visionary leadership of the chief minister of Assam to transform itself as a force dedicated to providing reliable, accessible, responsive, technology-driven, and trained policing services to the people, a police force that is value-driven, will promote integrity, set standards of conduct, make efforts to reduce corruption, ensure that police discharge their duties with fairness and impartiality and build appropriate accountability mechanisms.