child kidnapper

Cachar, Sep 22: A man was brutally beaten up by some people, and his car was set on suspicion of being a child kidnapper in the Cachar district of Assam, police stated.

“Some people attacked a person and set fire to a vehicle. The person was seriously injured and police rescued him and rushed him to hospital. We have registered a case in connection with the incident and we will take stern action against the culprits,” said senior police officer Numal Mahatta.

He further urged people not to believe in any rumors.

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“I request all of the residents of Cachar district that, do not trust any rumours. If they discovered any man or woman who’s spreading rumours or discovered any suspected man or woman then tell the police straight away and we can take movement. Don’t take regulation into your hands,” introduced SP Mahatta.

Further research is underway.