Rabha Divas

Guwahati, June 21: On the occasion of ‘Rabha Divas’, a group of talented youths in Assam came together to create one of the biggest murals of the renowned artist and cultural icon, ‘Kalaguru’ Bishnu Prasad Rabha. The impressive mural, spanning an area of approximately 875 square feet, was unveiled on the Rangia Flyover Bridge.

A video uploaded by ‘ojantrik’ showcased the entire process of creating this remarkable mural. Led by Kapil Das, Rongmon Pranjit, Bedanta Rajbongshi, Parag Bania, Rafiul Ahmed, and Najrul Ahmed, the ‘ojantrik’ team poured their artistic skills and dedication into this project.

“We, the ‘ojantrik’ team, have created Assam’s largest portrait mural in just four days. The mural stands at an impressive height of approximately 25 feet and has a breadth of 35 feet. Our motive behind this artwork is to pay tribute to Bishnu Prasad Rabha on his death anniversary,” shared the team.

‘Rabha Divas’ holds great significance in Assam as it is dedicated to honoring the esteemed Kalaguru Bishnu Prasad Rabha. This day, observed annually on June 20, serves as a reminder of his immense contributions to the state’s cultural and artistic landscape.

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Bishnu Prasad Rabha, also known as the ‘Kalaguru’ or the ‘Master of Arts,’ played a pivotal role in promoting and preserving Assamese art and culture. His invaluable contributions towards the betterment of the state continue to be cherished by the people.

The creation of this remarkable mural not only pays homage to the legacy of Bishnu Prasad Rabha but also serves as a testament to the talent and passion of the youth in Assam. Through their artistic expression, these talented individuals have showcased their deep respect and admiration for the Kalaguru.

The mural stands as a visual tribute to the life and works of Bishnu Prasad Rabha, capturing his essence and influence on Assamese art and culture. It serves as a reminder of his enduring impact and inspires generations to embrace their cultural heritage.

The unveiling of this monumental mural on ‘Rabha Divas’ brings the artistic community and the people of Assam together in celebration of their cultural icon. It serves as a symbol of unity and pride, reinforcing the importance of preserving and promoting the rich artistic legacy of the state.

As the mural stands tall on the Rangia Flyover Bridge, it serves as a constant reminder of the contributions made by Bishnu Prasad Rabha and inspires others to carry forward his vision for a vibrant and culturally enriched Assam.

The remarkable mural created by the ‘ojantrik’ team will continue to leave a lasting impact on all who witness it, reminding them of the artistic brilliance and cultural heritage that Assam proudly holds.