Manipur NAMTA

Imphal, June 21: North American Manipur Tribal Association (NAMTA) and its coalition partners are taking a stand against the ongoing violence in Manipur, a northeastern state in India. In an effort to address the urgent issues faced by the minority community, particularly the Kuki-Zomi people, NAMTA will organize a vigil and rally on June 22 and June 24, 2023, respectively.

The recent volatile situation in Manipur has raised concerns among various organizations and individuals worldwide. NAMTA, representing the Manipuri tribal diaspora in North America, is deeply disturbed by the unrest and seeks to draw attention to the plight of the minority community. The vigil and rally, to be held at the US Capitol Grounds and White House (Lafayette Park), respectively, aim to gather support and demand action from the United States Government and the United Nations.

In a statement, NAMTA emphasized the need for immediate humanitarian aid to be provided to the displaced people in Manipur. The tribal body expressed disappointment with the lack of assistance from both the State Government of Manipur and the Central Government of India.

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Allegations were made against the Meitei community, accusing certain radical elements within the community of infringing upon the fundamental rights of the Kuki-Zomi people, including freedom of religion, right to life, physical integrity, freedom of movement, residence, and security.

According to NAMTA, Kuki-Zomi villages have reportedly faced attacks by Meitei militants, allegedly supported by state police commandos, since May 3, 2023. These incidents have resulted in dire circumstances for the displaced members of the Kuki-Zomi community, who have received little to no humanitarian aid from the relevant authorities.

In their call to action, NAMTA urges concerned individuals to stand in solidarity with the tribal community of Manipur. They emphasize the importance of advocating for the President’s Rule (Article 356) to be imposed in Manipur, seeking a more secure and peaceful environment for all its residents.

By organizing the vigil and rally, NAMTA aims to shed light on the ongoing crisis in Manipur and garner international support. Their efforts are focused on drawing attention to the urgent need for humanitarian aid and intervention to alleviate the suffering of the affected population. The rally at the White House serves as a platform to amplify the voices of the minority community and push for meaningful action from the US and the UN.

NAMTA’s initiative demonstrates the power of collective advocacy and the global impact of concerned individuals and organizations. Through their united efforts, they aspire to bring about positive change and address the pressing issues faced by the tribal communities in Manipur.