Guwahati, April 14: Assam’s traditional cloth, the Asomiya Gamosa, has received the Geographical Indication (GI) registration certification, as announced by Controller General of Patent, Designs and Trademarks and Registrar of GI Registry Dr. Unnat P Pandit on Thursday.

Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma received the certificate at a function held at Guwahati’s Sarusajai stadium.

The GI tag has been granted to eight types of gamosas, including Uka or Xadharan Gamosa, Phulam Gamosa, Bihuwan, Tiani or Pani Gamosa, Anakata Gamosa, Telos Gamosa, Dora Boron or Jor Gamosa, and Gossain Gamosa. With the registration, no other entity can produce or market the product under the same name.

The GI registration will also protect the weavers in the state, according to CM Himanta Biswa Sarma. He congratulated the people of Assam for earning the recognition and said, “As I received the GI tag for our pride, the Asomiya Gamosa, it is a moment of honour and pride for the people of Assam, just before the Rongali Bihu celebrations.”

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Sarma further stated, “Due to this honour, our pride Asomiya Gamosa will receive legal recognition for Assam, which will protect its quality and distinctiveness. It will ensure the protection of the interests of our weavers.”

The chief minister also noted that the GI tag is another step towards promoting Assam on the global stage.

GI is a legal registration of goods for a specific geographical area or territory. It offers the unique identification and branding of products that are renowned for their quality, reputation, and historical significance associated with a specific region.

The GI tag promotes economic prosperity by providing exclusive rights to a specific community or producer to protect the product from imitation or misuse.

The Asomiya Gamosa is a traditional cloth made of cotton or silk and is widely used by people in Assam. The cloth is used for various purposes, including as a towel, a headscarf, and a gift item on cultural and social occasions.

The GI registration of the Asomiya Gamosa will ensure that the uniqueness and quality of the product are protected, and the traditional weavers of Assam can continue to thrive in their art.