Nagaon Durga

Guwahati, Oct 21: In the midst of the vibrant Durga Puja celebrations in Assam, a one-of-a-kind pandal has taken center stage in the Nagaon district. The Shani Mandir Durga Puja Sangha in Nagaon has adorned their Durga Puja pandal with a unique twist – using coins as decorations.

The organizers have creatively employed a variety of coin denominations to design their pandal. They’ve placed Rs 10 denomination coins at the top, while Re 1, Re 2, and Re 5 denominations grace the lower sections of the pandal. This juxtaposition of gold and silver coins lends a striking and mesmerizing look to the pandal.

The creation of this remarkable setup involved the use of coins in various denominations, including Rs 2, Rs 5, and Rs 10, with the organizers incorporating coins worth an impressive Rs 11 lakh. A significant portion of these coins, which were collected as donations in the previous year, was repurposed for this year’s pandal.

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Additionally, the organizers procured around Rs 10 lakh worth of coins from the State Bank of India for the purpose of decorating the pandal.

Nagaon Durga

Renowned artist Raju Chowdhury explained the process, stating, “We have collected Rupee 1, Rs 2, Rs 5, and Rs 10 coins and stuck them on plywood… We have decorated the whole pandal with this… The coins are approximately worth Rs 11 lakh… We have collected the coins from the state bank and from small shopkeepers…”

The arrangement of the coins on plyboards creates a stunning visual contrast, with golden-colored coins adorning the upper portion of the setup and silver coins enhancing the lower section. This innovative use of coins extends beyond the pandal’s exterior, as the organizers have integrated coins into the interior decorations as well.

This unique approach to Durga Puja pandal decoration showcases the creativity and innovative spirit of the organizers in Assam, adding a captivating and memorable touch to the ongoing festivities.