Assam Bihu celebrations

1. Assam’s new tax policy faces public discontent.
2. Citizens are required to pay Rs 300 for permission to organize cultural events, including Bihu celebrations.
3. Opposition parties criticize the state government for burdening the people.

Guwahati, Nov 22: The citizens of Assam are expressing discontent over the State Government’s new tax policy, which imposes additional fees on various activities, including cultural events like Bihu.

According to the recent notice, individuals are now required to pay Rs 300 for permission to organize cultural processions, events, ceremonies, and Bihu celebrations.

The new policy also introduces fees such as Rs 2,000 for political rallies, events, and meetings, Rs 2,000 for all types of sporting events, Rs 500 for street plays, awareness rallies, and events, and Rs 5,000 for trade fairs and food fairs.

In addition to these, there is a charge of Rs 50,000 for commercial construction permission in Guwahati and Rs 25,000 in other parts of the state. For opening petrol pumps and gas agencies, the permission fee is Rs 10,000.

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Moreover, individuals are required to pay Rs 300 for private employment verification, Rs 300 for the verification of rented accommodation and paying guests, and Rs 300 for the verification of workers involved in construction.

Previously, many of these taxes were paid to the government, and the recent revisions have led to an increase in the financial burden on citizens. The taxes are to be paid through the Assam Police Sewa portal.

The introduction of this new tax policy has sparked surprise and dissatisfaction among citizens, with opposition parties criticizing the Assam state government for placing an additional burden on the people.

Leaders like Congress’s Mira Borthakur have criticized the BJP-led government, alleging a lack of economic growth and accusing them of extracting funds from citizens to manage the government’s debt.