Kopou Ful

Sivasagar, April 13: Foxtail orchids, also known as “Kopou Ful” in Assamese, are an important part of the state of Assam’s cultural identity, and were designated as the state flower in 2003.

However, recent incidents of these flowers being stolen from roadsides in the Sivasagar district have upset local citizens. Though it’s unclear who is responsible for plucking the ornamental flowers, villagers are now keeping a vigilant eye out to protect the orchids.

The Kopou Ful is considered a symbol of love and fertility and has traditionally been an important part of wedding ceremonies in Assam. These flowers also play a significant role in the state’s annual cultural festival, Rongali Bihu, which is celebrated in mid-April.

The state government has taken note of the situation and urged citizens to be more responsible and protect the flowers. “We have instructed the local authorities to take necessary measures to ensure the safety of these flowers, which are an integral part of our state’s culture,” said Assam’s Forest Minister Parimal Suklabaidya.

In addition to being a cultural icon, the Kopou Ful is also known for its medicinal properties. It is believed to have the ability to cure respiratory ailments and is used in traditional medicine. The flower is also an important source of income for local florists and vendors, who sell them during festivals and special occasions.

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Despite the economic and cultural significance of the Kopou Ful, incidents of theft have been reported in recent years. In response, the Assam government has taken steps to protect the flower, including launching a campaign to raise awareness about the importance of conserving it.

As Assam prepares to celebrate Rongali Bihu, citizens are being urged to be more responsible and protect the state flower. The government is also taking measures to ensure the safety of these flowers and to promote their conservation, in order to preserve Assam’s rich cultural heritage.