boat Dhemaji

Dhemaji, April 24: In a very tragic occurrence, a woman perished on Sunday in the Dhemaji district of Assam after the boat she was in collapsed. The woman was reportedly headed to a Bihu performance when the accident happened, according to the police.

The Bihu team, which consisted of a total of 8 persons, was on board the doomed boat, the officials claim. They were en route to Chapori (Sitaram Ghat), where they would participate in a Bihu celebration on Sunday.

Soon after the tragedy, an Assam Police rescue squad hurried to the scene. Seven of the eight persons on the boat were successfully saved by the rescue squad, however, one woman was not among them. Maloti Munda was eventually revealed to be who she was.

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While this was happening, a severe storm hit the state’s Tinsukia district, causing extensive damage over the entire region.

675 homes were said to have suffered partial damage in the strong storm, while a total of 208 homes were reported to have been entirely destroyed. The tragedy has also caused the power supply to be affected, with trees uprooted in numerous spots.

The storms are said to have had an overall negative impact on 41410 individuals in 144 different towns throughout the state.

One of the worst-hit districts in the state is a result of the fact that out of them, 37182 persons have been impacted across the 54 villages. Additionally, it caused two deaths in the area.

The family of each person killed in the natural tragedy will receive compensation in the amount of Rs 4 lakhs, according to Tinsukia‘s deputy commissioner, Swapneel Paul. In light of the potential for additional storms in the area as well as the need for recovery efforts following the storm, he also mandated the closure of all educational institutions in the district on Monday.