BJP introduce a campaign 'Appanar Motatamot' manifesto

Bengal Election, Jan 4: Bengal BJP started its preparation for a people-oriented poll manifesto for 2021 Assembly polls in the state. Saffron party has launched a campaign which is called “Appanar Motatamot, BJP Ghoshna path” (Your Opinion BJP Manifesto).

BJP introduce a tablo car which will roam around the assembly seats and ask people to share their problems and expectations from the government.

The tablo car was inaugurated by the BJP state president and MP Dilip Ghosh in West Midnapore. Two boxes will be fixed inside the car – one box will be for the complaints of the current government and the second to submit the expectations from the upcoming government.

This will help the BJP to introduce the manifesto for the upcoming election in Bengal. This will be the first time in Bengal politics that a party is asking people of each of the assembly to write down their needs and problems.

Party is scheduled to hold a meeting regarding the manifesto on 12th January. It is expected that BJP National President J P Nadda may attend the meeting.

BJP’s West Midnapore district president Samit Das said, “On 12th January we will hold a meeting regarding the manifesto. We want that we issue a manifesto keeping in mind the hopes and needs of the common man.

The manifesto, Appanar Motatamot will be according to your will, we are keeping this tag line and we will visit the assembly. We are making a charge sheet to check in which ways the common man has faced problems due to political figures.

We will make the manifesto, Appanar Motatamot, according to the views of the common man. This has been presented and inaugurated in my district.”

“We will issue a form in which need to mention your name, phone number, address, what hopes you have from the BJP, you will write about who took cut money, and which elected member did not fulfill a task they promised.

Mention that and drop it in a box which will be named charge sheet. We will look into it, talk about it, and choose our line of action.

It will begin tomorrow and continue for 5 days. Suvendu Adhikari will inaugurate this tomorrow in Salboni and Garhbeta. In Narayangarh, Keshiary, and Datan this will be inaugurated in assembly on the 4th,” Samit Das added.

On the other hand, TMC said that before raising the voice on TMC BJP state present should answer that being an MP how much he has done for the people.

Pradyot Ghosh, TMC MLA from West Midnapore district said “Since last one year, the paramount leaders of BJP has been visiting Bengal and spreading the message that they have already won 200 seats of 2021 elections.

“If they have already won 200 seats then I do not know why they have been promoting themselves in these various districts. Today I heard that BJP is arranging a car in every assembly.”

One is named ‘obhijog’ and I do not remember the name of the other one. If complaints are considered, then my first complaint would be; Dilip babu, you are inaugurating, tell us what contributions you have made for development after Lok Sabha elections. Our first complaint is against you. What work have you done?

TMC also allege that BJP has a support of industrialist and using the money of that businessman for the polls.

“Secondly, we know that BJP is a political party in India. They have accumulated crores of rupees from the industrialists. They will promote, get cars, and do several other things with this money. We know that they will spend a lot of money for the next elections.”

“People know what they will do. But, I just want to say one thing, the kind of propaganda they will do with these gestures, people will answer them well at the right time. Remember one thing, the complaints they are talking about, BJP said after coming to power in India that they will provide jobs to 2 crore people.”

“Let alone giving them jobs, people are losing jobs due to privatizing the jobs. There are no new jobs. People are losing their jobs. This is just an unrealistic dream that these people will contribute to the development of Bengal. They are just deceiving people with these propagandas,” TMC MLA added.