Arunachal Pradesh, 21st November: Former BJP legislators Lishi Legi’s son Lishi Roni has been accused of killing his wife, the Arunachal Pradesh Women Welfare Society (APWWS) staged a massive protest against Techi Meena Lishi who has been murdered Lishi Roni.

Roni has been arrested along with four others for allegedly murdered his pregnant wife.

The Banderdewa police have arrested Roni Lishi, husband of deceased Meena Lishi who was found dead in Karsingsa near Itanagar. The case against the former MLA’s son has been registered by in-laws.

Chukhu Apa, IGP said “We have arrested 5 of the accused Lishi Roni, Kapwang Lowang, Taney Khoiyang, and Damriet Khoiyang, Datan Sueng. We have arrested them in a joint operation with Tirap police. 4 of them are in police custody. We are investigating the matter and collecting the evidence very carefully. Every detail is important for us as it will help to show them in court. The murder weapon has been recovered with the help of local people from the river.”

Techi Meena Lishi (36) was found dead inside an SUV on November 5, near the Karsingsa block point, around 25km from the capital city. She was 7-months pregnant.

Former Arunachal Pradesh Women Commission chairperson Jarjum Gamlin Ete express her sorrow and it is a shameful incident for all the residents of Arunachal and also appreciate the step taken by APWWS for the Techi Meena Lishi.

“This is a heart-melting incident as we know the accused family members as a public leader. I don’t know how they can do such a crime with their own pregnant wife. This is a very painful incident for Arunachal. It is very tough to accept this. If we don’t put our heads together now then such incidents may repeat. Today also we were talking about that we have seen so many ladies adjust and accept domestic violence as a part of life. After marriage, so many crimes happen with ladies. We too hold many protests against rape in Arunachal Pradesh. Arunachal is not going in the direction in which we dreamt,” said Jarjum Gamlin.

A spokesperson of the Arunachal Congress committee also shares condolence about this hilarious crime and thanks to the Women commission of Arunachal Pradesh (APWWS) who is standing for the justice of all the women in the state.

Toko Mina, Spokesperson, Arunachal Congress committee shred her feelings “I was in shock after this news as a woman and as a mother. I am very happy that Arunachal Pradesh women Welfare Society is investigating the matter.”

Sources said Meena refused to sign divorce papers which Roni was forcing on her for the last 5 months which led to tension between the couple.

Meena’s husband asked her to him to their farmhouse at Karsingsa and send the car to receive her with a new driver.