Bride calls off the wedding as groom fails to read a newspaper without glasses

Uttar Pradesh, June 25: Bride calls off the wedding as the Groom fails to read a newspaper without glasses. When it comes to arranged marriages, education is one of the many things families look for. However, many manage to put in fake details about the same that is enough to fool someone into marrying them.

An instance of this is coming from Uttar Pradesh. A woman named Archana called off her wedding because the groom could not read the newspaper without his glasses on.

Hailing from Auraiya, a man named Arjun Singh fixed his daughter Archana’s marriage with a man named Shivam. The latter’s family stated that he was a ‘well-educated‘ man therefore they agreed to Singh’s daughter tying a knot with him.

It was on the wedding day when the problem surfaced. According to News 18, the groom came in with spectacles on his eyes, much to everyone’s being suspicious about him as to whether he has weak eyesight.

When the baraat procession came to the house on June 20, the groom was constantly wearing spectacles the whole time,” Arjun Singh told the news organization. All the chatter started about his eyesight. Then, along with the bride, everyone asked him to read the Hindi newspaper without his glasses. Since he failed to do so, Archana called the wedding off.

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This is not where it stopped. The bride’s family filed a complaint at the nearby police station. They have also asked the groom’s kin to give back all the dowry that was given to me. It included cash and a motorcycle. Shivam’s family has not yet returned it therefore an FIR has been lodged against them.

A similar incident took place some time back in UP where the bride got to know that her future husband could be illiterate. She asked him to recite the table of 2 which he failed.