Kanpur, May 20: In a bizarre incident, a bride in Kanpur ended up marrying a wedding guest after the groom disappeared from the venue just after exchanging garlands ceremony.

The incident occurred in Maharahjpur in Uttar Pradesh’s Kanpur district.

According to reports, the groom disappeared shortly after exchanging ‘varmaalas’, a ritual that is part of most traditional Hindu weddings.

When the disappearance has come to light, both his and the bride’s family mounted a frantic search for the man.

Eventually, it was found that the groom had run away from the wedding for reasons best known to just him.

The discovery left the bride and her family shocked. But the family decided to go forth with the ceremony anyway, with or without the groom after one of the wedding guests suggested the bride’s side pick another suitable boy from the baraati as a replacement groom.

After some consultation, the bride and her family selected a prospective groom from the guests and the ceremony was eventually solemnized.

While the wedding was solemnized, the bride’s family, nevertheless, filed a complaint against the runaway groom and his family.

The groom’s family, meanwhile, has also filed a missing person’s report in search of their son.

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The incident is reminiscent of a similar case from Karnataka earlier in January this year when the groom fled his ceremony venue on the day of his nuptials after his girlfriend allegedly threatened him of ruining the wedding by consuming poison in front of the wedding guests.

While the groom decided to skip his own wedding to meet his girlfriend, the bride, on the other hand, chose to get married to one of the wedding guests who were present at the venue.