Sikkim C20

Gangtok, May 14: Sikkim recently hosted the C20 summit, a one-day Civil (C20) meeting as part of G20 events, with the theme ‘Dharma, Ecology, Media and Entertainment’. The event was organised by Chinmaya Mission and featured over nine speakers from different fields delivering their presentations.

Sikkim Governor Lakshman Prasad Acharya graced the event as the chief guest, while other attendees included Sikkim Legislative Assembly speaker Arun Upreti, resident mentor of Chinmaya Mission Swami Mitranandaji, among others.

Governor Acharya, in his address, suggested that the discussions from C20 should reach the rural parts of Sikkim and India as a whole. He shared how Sikkim has been an environment-worshipping society, with people being aware of the environment and believing in forest deities and worshiping them.

He emphasized the need to give more attention to environment-related concerns and the potential to make a change, with the youth being the future of the country and the state.

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Speaker Arun Upreti highlighted how Sikkim is exemplary of unity in diversity, with every possible step being undertaken for social, economic, and political justice for the people. He also congratulated Sikkim for taking up this national duty with the event in Sikkim.

Resident mentor of Chinmaya Mission Swami Mitranandaji spoke about how India is giving a peep into ancient India and seeing the entire earth as one family and not just as humans. He emphasized the need to bring people together, which is the reason why the C20 discussion is happening.

The summit also felicitated Sikkim’s social workers Lakpa Moktan and Phurba Wangdi.

The event highlighted the importance of Dharma, Ecology, Media, and Entertainment, and how they play a crucial role in shaping society. The discussions and ideas shared during the summit can help in creating awareness and promoting positive change, not just in Sikkim but also in India as a whole.

It is heartening to see initiatives like the C20 summit being organized to address critical issues like environment, media, and entertainment. The summit provided a platform for experts from different fields to share their ideas, experiences, and insights, creating a conducive environment for learning and growth.

It is essential to continue such discussions and take proactive steps toward creating a sustainable and inclusive society. The youth of the country must also be involved and encouraged to be a part of such initiatives, as they are the future and key drivers of change.

Overall, the C20 summit was a significant step toward promoting awareness and creating positive change. It highlighted the importance of unity and diversity and the need to work together for a better future.