1. Rs. 22,95,500 seized from a vehicle in Karimganj ahead of Assam Lok Sabha elections.
2. The interception took place at the Naka point in Keotkuna.
3. Bolero vehicle with registration number AS08A0614 stopped; cash was discovered during the search.

Guwahati, April 11: Ahead of the Lok Sabha elections in Assam, a significant amount of cash, totaling Rs. 22,95,500, was seized from a vehicle in Karimganj as part of efforts to enforce the election code of conduct.

The interception occurred at the Naka point in Keotkuna, where a Bolero vehicle with registration number AS08A0614 was stopped and searched, leading to the discovery of the cash.

Following the seizure, authorities detained an individual in connection with the incident to investigate further.

In Bongaigaon district, where strict adherence to election conduct rules is paramount, the Flying Squad has been conducting thorough inspections along various routes to maintain vigilance.

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As part of these efforts, another vehicle, registered as AS 26AC 0747, was intercepted today.

Inside, an individual identified as Ali was found to be carrying Rs. 1,57,640 in cash without proper documentation, contravening election regulations.

In line with electoral protocols, the cash was confiscated, and the individual’s non-compliance with documentation requirements is under scrutiny by authorities.