Deepika Padukone

Mumbai, Dec 5: Deepika Padukone, the queen of hearts and the ultimate diva of Bollywood is celebrating her birthday today. Fans from all over the world are pouring in wishes for the gorgeous and finest actor, on her special day. But did you know that the Queen of Bollywood has a connection with the Keralites? Deepika Padukone has a connection in Mollywood!

Deepika Padukone has a friend in Kerala

It’s indeed a small world. And as human beings, it’s our basic characteristic that we travel around the world. Travel from our roots to different nooks and corners of the world. Traveling for various purposes. And that’s how they met. Bollywood diva Deepika Padukone and M-Town beauty Mamta Mohandas know each other, not via media, but in person!

Where they met?

Deepika Padukone met Mamta Mohandas in Bangalore. Well, if you are wondering how the two met in Bangalore, they went to the same college. Mamta Mohandas, who is now a popular face in Malayalam cinema was doing her graduation in Bangalore, where Deepika was also present. Colleges are one of the beautiful places where most of us meet new people and Mamta has met the Bollywood diva there. Deepika was junior to Mamta.

Gorgeous Deepika surely caught the attention of Mamta

During one of her interviews, Mamta Mohandas had shared that it was Deepika’s athletic body and height that initially attracted her attention. Deepika Padukone was one of the tallest girls in the college, and the most interesting factor was that beauty’s friends were short as compared to her. And the bond between the three of them definitely grabbed the attention of Mamta Mohandas.

Two years after college, Deepika made it big

As Deepika’s father Prakash Padukone is a celebrated badminton player, most of them expected that she would also follow in her dad’s footsteps. But Deepika was more passionate about movies and she went to pursue it. She went on to grab headlines during her modeling career and later ventured into films. Mamta Mohandas has also shared that Deepika’s achievement was inspiring for many including her.

Deepika Padukone and Mamta Mohandas ventured into films around the same time

We already told you, the duo has a lot of similarities! Mamta Mohandas marked her debut in showbiz in 2005 with the Malayalam film ‘Mayookham’. And Deepika marked her debut in films in 2006, with a Kannada film. A year later ‘Om Shanti Om’ happened. She romanced King Khan and the rest is history!