Check out this next level Wedding invitation that invokes Constitutional Article

India, Nov 22: Do you belong to the group of people who opens a wedding invitation just to check the date and venue only? If yes, then you have got to check out this innovative wedding invitation card by Ajay Sarma.

To get the attention to his wedding card he has done something beyond imagination and aware people about the ‘Right to life under Article 21 of the Indian constitution.’

Check out this next level Wedding invitation that invokes Constitutional Article

The invitation read, “The right to marry is a component of the Right to Life under Article 21 of the Indian Constitution. So, it is time for me to use this Fundamental Right on 28th November 2021. I request your gracious presence under Article 19 (i)(b) (Right to assemble peacefully and without arms)  and give your blessings.

While sharing the reason behind this unique concept of wedding invitation, the Gauhati High Court lawyer Ajay Sarma said that “this invitation has been designed for the professional invitees and collogues. To make it a bit professional and of course to make people read our efforts, I got the idea to use my law words in this.”

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On the next page of the invitation, it is written that “Under the Hindu Marriage Act 1955, we together have mutually decided to solemnize the marriage on 28th of November by agreeing to stay in love freely and under no undue influence on our discussion of rest of the life. Therefore, you are hereby requested to appear in person along with your family for the wedding reception on Wednesday, 1st December 2021 to bless the couple.”

Sarma added, “People usually open the wedding card to check the venue and the date. No one really checks what efforts one gave to this.”