Delhi, July 14: The Union Health Ministry has cited a survey to list three common excuses people make to not wear masks, despite repeated appeals for them to follow Covid-appropriate behaviour.

The survey was conducted to find out why some citizens are not wearing it. The survey revealed that people generally use these three reasons as an excuse to avoid wearing it.

  • People don’t wear masks using breathing problems as an excuse.
  • People don’t wear masks as they find them uncomfortable.
  • People don’t wear masks as they believe that they don’t need to wear them as long as they maintain social distancing.

Additionally, the Health Ministry also talked about the wrong belief that it does not help prevent Covid-19.

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At a media briefing, the Health Ministry also brought up the lax attitude of people towards the government’s warning of a possible third wave of the pandemic if Covid-19 protocols are not followed.

The Health Ministry said, “When we talk about the third wave, it seems that we are taking it as a weather update.”