Close aide of Bengal BJP leader arrested in Pamela drug case

Bengal, March 1: Kolkata Police has arrested Suraj Kumar Saha, close to BJP leader Rakesh Singh, now arrested after the arrest of Pamela Goswami in Drug Case, the leader of the Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha (BJYM).

Suraj Kumar Sah, son of Ramchandra Sah, a resident of Kolkata’s Watganj area, is accused of helping Rakesh Singh. He provided scooty for Rakesh Singh and helped him escape. The police were looking for him.

Pamela Goswami made sensational allegations in this case against co-accused and leader of his party, Rakesh Singh, after which Rakesh Singh was arrested.

Pamela Goswami was arrested for this particular Drug Case from the New Alipur area of ​South Kolkata on February 19 along with her friend Prabir De and personal security guards. 90 grams of cocaine were found in her car.